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Everything You Need to Know and More About Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS)

If your company deals with construction work that requires a lot of risks, all of your actions and decisions should be guided by an SWMS or safe work method statement. An SWMS or safe work method statement is a document that contains necessary information surrounding construction work with high risk. From this document, you will be able to see what are the usual high risk activities that are being done in the construction workplace, what hazards might be present in them, and what measures are there to control these hazards.

Having your own SWMS document is must if you are a construction company that works in high risk environments according to what is stipulated by WHS regulations. When high risk work is being done on a regular basis, a more general SWMS is needed that will be used to carry out various activities. Over time, you can refine this generic document of yours and even include a narration of the consultation process with working with other people doing the business and other workers as well. Being a busy company that you are, there are now some ways that you can refine your SWMS with the help of readily available SWMS templates. What is great with SWMS templates being made available for general consumption is that you can make them as personalized as you can ever be. Missing out on this part in carrying out the activities of your construction company will put a huge hedge on your transactions and will not have them done in one way or another. A fully revised and reviewed SWMS document is often necessary when you will be carrying out new high risk construction activities that are different and are applied in another site that you may be working at.

With some of the activities being done in construction sites being high risk, an SWMS or safe work method statement document is a must at all times. For instance, if you need to work at heights, you have to prepare an SWMS document before any work can be done. Skip the preparation of an SWMS document if the construction job that must be done is not that major and risky.

No company or professional can start with doing any high risk activity when there are no SWMS documents that they will achieve and complete. Now, in terms of the person who must be the one to prepare the SWMS, it will be the primary contractor, subcontractor, or builder who will identify them. Usually, the preparation of the SWMS document is being done by the person who has been assigned to be doing the high risk construction job. To make the most applicable SWMS document for the company, the one making the SWMS should meet with people who are experts in the field of construction such as the contractor and workers and come up with the right measures stipulated on the document.

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